Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boxcar Heaven

About a week back there was an abundance of boxcars in the yard and on the derail going south of town. Here's the highlights, there's a few amazing ones in here:

Eddie from M'Town in 1994. I wonder what M'Town is? Marshalltown? I doubt it, but UP runs through there, so... maybe.

'Water Bed' Lou, once in 1985 and then again in 1986.

Very weird. A Colossus outlines with white spray.

I still don't quite understand this guy. A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

John Easley, the US Scout from 1986. The earliest I have seen with my own eyes. What's great about the IAIS is that boxcars that would usually head to scrap just head back and forth on the rails here.

An homage to Herby.

A cool little train sketch. Stylin'.

The Rambler doing his thing in 1998.

Very excited about this one. Colossus of Roads from my neck of the woods in 1999. I wonder what was going on?

Some old, old stuff coming up next.

Until then.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Randoms from Earlier

Here are some random shots from earlier in the month when I went out with my friend Cam that I need to upload before they get lost to time:

Yeehaw is right.

CDD, months apart.

The Texas steak again.

Part Time Pat messing around again.

Lone Bone. Now I'm just looking for the Bag of Bones.

Barely-there Proviso from 1993.

This was definitely the find of the trip. An old Z from 1990. I really wish I could've gotten a better picture, I suppose I was just excited.

And, finally, just a little humor to brighten your day.

Boxcars soon.

Until then.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Iowa Blackie

This update doesn't really pertain to IAIS boxcar art much, but it is important enough to warrant it's own update as it relates to a legendary Iowan hobo by the name of Iowa Blackie.

I was out on a bike ride looking for spots to hang swings and I ran across a little train bridge on the CRANDIC route going over a small creek. The CRANDIC route is a rail way that runs from Cedar Rapics to Iowa City... CR and IC, CRANDIC, got it? Anyway... naturally, I had to go check the bridge out for a few reasons. One, as a spot to potentially hang a swing, and two, well, just out of general interest. I walked down the tracks in the middle of the bridge and became disinterested very quickly after only seeing fleeting proclomations by lovers scratched into the metal of the bridge over the year, but then I came to the end:

Wow! A true gem, especially for the history of Iowa rail roads and those that partake in their services. I was stoked to say the least. For those that must know, Iowa Blackie is hobo royalty, crowned hobo king at the National Hobo Convention in Britt, IA. He is a poet that publishes his own material, and he still actively travels.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of any of his books, make sure to go to his website, Iowa Poet Blackie.

Well, lots of box car pics coming your way.

Until then.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old Grainer and then Some

Went for a walk (duh) and found a really old grainer that leaked old and rotten grain juice on my hand:

This is a treat. Dennis from Houston, TX dating way back to 1977. This is the first time I have ever seen this with my own eyes, and this is the oldest from what I've seen on the internet. Pretty amazing catch. This is from BEFORE Star Wars came out. Think about that.

Boob from 1990. This guy likes boobs.

God damn it, Barney.

I am really having no luck when it comes to Bozos.

Jeepin from early summer of 1982.

And here are just a few shots from the walk back:


Man on the Make.

The Artful Dodger. Check out that white eye. And can you see that face in the dust to his upper right?

I swear I'll get to work on that pervert series some time soon.

Until then.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Plenty of Interest

Well, another new month, another update to kick off the new month. The weather here in Iowa has been warm the last two days. In the 80s actually... so, of course you know where I was hangin' around. A few firsts are in here that I am pumped about, so check it out:

My very first El Truncon. It's faded, and has been sprayed over (which makes me livid everytime I see that happen). I had wondered why I had been seeing less and less from this person, but, as you can see, he died in 2002. RIP.

Driftwood from 2002.

Newer style US Scout from 2007. More streamlined, less raw.

Otis's hat.

Buffed Rambler from '93.

Late 90s Rambler.

The Rambler from 88. My oldest one. One time I swear I saw one from 77, but I might be crazy.

Roseville engine.

Boxcar Billy not on a boxcar but on a tanker.

One more El Truncon to add to the list. This one looks a bit older that the one I snapped before. Check out what it was right next to:

And to think I was dissapointed with the other side of this boxcar when I first starting walking down the tracks... I'm glad I walked back on the otherside. Mya first Ozone! Wow, really, really faded, but it's another one I can check off my list.

And, finally, No bodies Fault in '94.

I have a few series I wanna put up in the next coming week or two. There's going to be one for the perverts, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then.