Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decrepit Americana #2

Finally the second edition of my Decrepit Americana zine is finished. 48 more black and white pages full of fading and nasty monikers and weirdo rail relics that I've stumbled upon here and there. All the photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

If you'd like to get your hands on a copy, get in touch with me!, send me an e-mail. I do trades, so if you have something that you've made that you'd like to trade for a copy of my zine, let me know. I love reading other people's zines, so get in touch. If you've got nothing to trade, I'm charging $3 shipped for the zine in the United States. If you're from out of the country, let me know!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MoPac Ghosts

There was an old MoPac car sitting in the layup to the south of the yard today. Here's the old stuff that was on it as well as some more old stuff:

Admiral Benbow. This is my first conscious shot of the Admiral. I have gone back through a bunch of my old pictures and have found a shot of him I didn't know I had, but that picture is too blurry to post. Here he is for the first time on here, "fading era town".

A very, very old Colossus of Roads, rising from the mists.

The HARE, December 1988.

Don A, 1991. Those graffiti writers were kind enough to paint around him, keep up the good work.

Michael Jr making another appearance. 1991.

One more old Colossus of Roads. In cursive. Check the build date on this boxcar.

That's that.
Decrepit Americana 2 release imminent.