Saturday, November 6, 2010

Decrepit Americana #1

I haven't updated in a bit, but I haven't been unproductive. Last night my friend Brendan had an art showing at the open house for the intermedia department at the University of Iowa. His showing was an art distro of zines and buttons and patches and the like, and was the first time that my new zine "Decrepit American" was avaiable.

48 pages of some of my favorite pictures from the blog, some I don't have on here, as well as some other random rail relics I have picked up along the way. Black and white full page photos fill almost every page. There's a few other (really cool) surprises in there as well.

If you'd like to order a copy, please get in contact. Leave a note here or send an email to me:

I'll get back in the habit of updating this blog soon!