Friday, November 4, 2011

Lazy Backlog

Taking too many pictures, not uploading enough. I've been focusing a lot on Decrepit Americana 3, so I haven't had time to get some pictures up here... oh yeah, plus my mouth has been destroyed by dentists lately resulting in a well of blood and pus in my face. No biggie though.

I see these guys a lot, the 2 Dead Crew. Partyin' at Sand Creek in 2006.

The Watchman in August of 2009. I'll get your package shipped soon!

Certain Fate and Virginia Zeke, DIF.

Big Mistakes with the weather report again, June of 2010.

A visit from an old friend, the Salvage King. He was featured in the first Decrepit Americana. Still looking good. 1983.

Cat N Hat from 1996 hiding near the bottom.

"Gosh! I'll start the safety meeting when I want!"

Unslim Jim from 2006.

Bitch slapped! From earlier this year. I don't know what I didn't center the moniker in this shot? Probably to get the ADM looking good at the top.

Faded and rusted over Bone Head. "Say he's gamblin' dude." Okay then.

Taking Care of Business over the Salem Raindog. Ouch. Old monikers are fading, and I understand that they're hard to see, but you guys need to watch what you're doing and CHECK FIRST.

Oof. AGAIN, watch what you're doing. A Whistleblower over a Hare from 1987. :(

Maxwell Murder. One way to kill yourself.

Gene Ween. Another way to kill yourself. I've been seeing this one pop up a lot lately. Is it really the dude from Ween? I'd venture to guess... PROBABLY NOT.

Okay... another update... soon? HAHAHA, we'll see if I actually hold true to my word this time.
Peace mon.