Sunday, December 5, 2010

Freezing But Sunny

Okay, an actual update with actual pictures of actual monikers. I don't want to say I've been lazy for the past few months, I've just been busy with other projects (art shows, punk shows, and the zine as you can see below). I went out yesterday with a camera and hit up all the usual spots. I loved the weather: freezing but sunny. A good day to hit the tracks:

A Wendigo, taken from the CRANDIC yard. There was a slew of nice looking, repainted grainers, hoppers, and tankers down there, and it seems like this Wendigo might have been rebuilt recently because...

...this Solemnly Sailing was barely visible. Usually, from what I've seen, these monikers are in cahoots with one-another, yet it seems Wendigo was the only one that was rebuilt. This was the best angle to see the Solemnly Sailing from.

Headed east to the IAIS yard, this CN car was the first in the yard and the first of a string of CN cars. This weird take on Bozo Texino was on it, probably done by...

...Space Mouth. This guy is from around here, I'm guessing a yard worker. Not many people get to see this moniker because he does it in chalk.

The Denver Camera. I still haven't figured out the numbers.

Erebus. This one is cute.

The Watchman on how he likes his eggs. July, 2009.

A current CDD from May, 2010, and check out that Hare up there. November of some year I can't make out.

I don't think so.

I have no clue what this is. A biohazard symbol and then some other stuff?

The usual suspects, Plate K and Whistle Blower, and Spike, who I don't think I've ever spotted. December, 2004; July, 2007; sometime in 2005, respectively.

The space between Plate K and Whistle Blower above had a really old and faded signature. This is what I could pull out: "Dazzler". I thought it said "Doggler" at first.

A drawing of an Oldsmobile.

Imposter and he-who-gets-impostered-upon. I wonder who the imposter could've been...

Well, that's that for an update.
I also wanted to say that I have been getting a lot of positive response from my Decrepit Americana zine. Lots of people have been sending me letters, and it's been an awesome way to get in touch with people that are down with this stuff as much as I am. I do plan on doing further issues, but I won't be able to until March of 2011. In January I fly to India for 5 weeks, and, when I get back into the states, I am headed to Florida until the end of February. I have plenty of pictures stockpiled, some really great ones that I'm going to use for further issues, but if you'd like to get involved at all in anyway, let me know! I want artists to draw up images for the center spread of the zine, so if you're a moniker artist and would like to get down on the center spread for further issues, I'd love that. Get at me!

Live free or don't.