Friday, March 26, 2010

Down Ol' Texas Way and Back Again

The SXSW festival in Austin, TX was great. Good bands and good food, although there was not a lot of railroad activity going on. I'm back in Iowa now, so, time for more updates. This next update is exciting for me, definitely a lot of first. Anyway, pictures:

The Artful Dodger. A Dickens fan, no doubt. I have seen very few of these, but for some reason this image seems very prolific to me. I guess I've been in the wrong spots at the wrong times.

My first "Water Bed" Lou! Very exciting. I used to see these a lot when I lived in Des Moines, but recently it seems that they are disappearing. Water Bed Lou... now that's a story I'd like to hear.

My first Panama Red. An image that, again, seems to be prolific, I just haven't seen many myself. I suppose we can chalk that up to being a victim of location.

And my second ever Panama Red to be caught on film. Oh yeah, if you don't know exactly WHAT "panama red" is, you should ask the US Scout.

Proviso. I keep noticing this image more and more.

This image is awesome. I rarely see it, but it's definitely full of energy.

A Texican Gothic on a weird scrap gondola.

Nova. From last month. Probably from the yards up in Cedar Rapids.

I don't know much about this image, I just like the colors.

At first I thought this was a Conrail Twitty image. It's not, but it looks good none-the-less.

Mr Bass in Blue. 1991 I believe.

On my way back from Texas, I was in Des Moines for a day and a half and I managed to make my way down to the big yard in the south-east bottoms with my friend Nick. He got a few pictures from our little trip, so maybe I can get him to let me post them for next time.

Until then.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Ghosts

This update is concerned with a few really old monikers and those of whom partook in this passion and have passed on to the other side:

John Easley from 1988. Just as old as the US Scout I had a picture I posted a while back.

A very old Bozo Texino, really just bits and pieces of it. He passed on in 2007, and his work is falling prey to time and spray paint. Catch him while you can.

Conrail Twitty died a few years back. He was an amazing artist and I recommend checking out his work if you can.

This is the first time I've gotten a picture of this horned image. I had seen a few of them fly on by on a coal train that came through the yard, but I got down there as soon as the trains were leaving, so I could get no pictures. Either way, here's one for you to look at.

An RN from 1985. The oldest one I've seen.

...and Julius Caesar, just for the hell of it.

Okay, either I'm in Austin, TX or I'm not, but any further picture taking is going to have to wait until I am back.

Until then.

Some Gondolas

My friend Kyler was in town, so we went down to check out the trains. There were about 6 empty scrap metal gondolas in the yard. They had been all over the place:

Rest in peace, Det. Gonzo of the Freight Train Riders of America.

Moss and a date from York, PA from 1996.

Unknown symbol from Alberta.

DKD from my senior year in high skool.

Flow from 1999. I have seen these before on Union Pacific cars, but this is the first one I've gotten a picture of.

A Smokin Joe from 1999.

Well, some old ghost coming your way soon.

Until then.

Sea of Tankers and Grainers

Here are the highlights from the almost endless rows of tankers and grainers I talked about in the last update:

Mountain from 1987. I don't exactly believe this is from 1987 myself, but what the hell.

Closeup of a PCP from 93 it looks like. It's been rusted over.

ROH from Langhorne, PA

Plate K since 1992.

RIP Oscar.

Fresh Texican Gothic for 2010

I am off to Austin, TX tomorrow for a week. I have two updates saved that I'll be able to post if I gain access to a computer while I am down there, but if that doesn't happen, I won't be able to post until at least next Monday

Until then.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Four Boxcars

In what was seemingly a sea of tankers and grain cars, I found four boxcars lined up in a row:

This is the oldest of this image I have seen.

I see this goofy image every now and again, and I like it more and more everytime I see it. My favorite quote that goes along with this image: "I touched her hand".

Mr. Easley from 1992, earlier than the one I lamented not getting a picture of in an earlier entry.

The double whammie. What is this, a toothpaste tube?

Half Lung from Colorado again.

Side Track from 9-99. The first one I've caught on film.

Work sucks, I'd rather be fishing.

Skull and ice cream, two things that go together nicely.

Dennis Jackson. This one was waaaay up there at the top. Looks old, and probably is since these boxcars were pretty rusted.

A Rambler that has been covered at the bottom. I can't make out the date, but I want to say it's one from the 80s.

Twisted, crying sun. IMAUFO... yeah, sure.

Next up I'll add some pictures from the tankers and grainers I have. Yes, boxcars are more interesting, but sometimes you can find cool shit on tankers too.

Until then.

Spring Cleaning

Just posting some pictures before I forget about them:

The mare again, right down at the foot of my street.

Nice pair of flying tits.

Bruce gettin' Loose in 1998.

Very old, very faded RN.

A question we probably ask ourselves all the time.

A buffed Colossus of Roads. Squint.

The Rambler from '93.

A BNSF line love/hate relationship?

Old and slightly faded small Penny Lane.

And finally, this is the oldest dated I've seen. 1993.

Okay, catch ya around.