Friday, September 30, 2011

Twenty-Six Years Young

Today is my birthday. I was born 26 years ago on September 30th, 1985. I hope someone gets me a cake or throws me a party! Haha, my gift to you guys:

Sledge's signature, February of 1993. This isn't written in any particular long lasting oil marker by any means, but it has survived on the underbelly of the car.

Men of Culture waiting in the IAIS yard in Newton, IA, the crew change spot between Iowa City and Council Bluffs.

Old and covered Rambler, early 90s, Beaumont, TX.

I see Rock'n Rob Rocks every once in awhile, usually in the underbelly of grainers. This one just happens to be from October, 1990.

City Star? I dunno, looks like some Christian shit, probably hangs out with Cross Roads. April, 2009.

The Solo Artist, 1995. I see these ALL THE TIME. Earliest I've personally seen, though, is 1993.

Virginia Zeke, fading away.

Two more Dixie Iron Fist members, Conrail Twitty, September 2005, and the rarely seen Rudolph the Red Nosed Unicorn, same time.

The Traveler Des, January 31st, 2001.

Another of The Traveler Des, January 14th, 2001... unless that's not a date scheme, then I don't know when this is from. Whatever.

Sugar Foot AKA "Mr. Tooties". I'd like to meet the person that came up with that AKA. Oof.

Sir Williams gotta make time. I love when the sun is incorporated into monikers.

Okay, well, I suppose I should head out and stop wasting the day.
Catch ya around.

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